Justin Jay & Denham Audio – Swarm

Album art for Swarm by Justin Jay and Denham Audio. A green background with a cartoon young male looking dazed.

Just over a year ago I started hunting for tracks that had a ‘ravey’ vibe. By that I mean music that simply had an ‘energy’ about them regardless of genre. House, Breakbeat, Rave, Drum & Bass, Techno, it didn’t matter where it sat, it was just about the vibe. The goal was to get inspired by these tunes so I could start making similar stuff myself and potentially get back into putting some DJ sets together.

‘Swarm’ by Justin Jay & Denham Audio was one of my first new finds that perfectly dropped into this category. It’s also one of the tracks that first inspired what Dodgy Pixel would be all about. Consisting of intricately spliced skool breaks, stuttering samples and a healthy dose of 303. It’s a great mid-set bubbler of a track.

Since discovering this track Denham Audio have become an act to watch. I’ve got a few of their tunes queued up in my ‘need to buy’ list.

Either buy the tune above from Bandcamp (which hugely benefits the artists) or stream it via one of the services below.

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