BandCamp Friday – April 2023

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It was recently the third Bandcamp Friday of 2023. The day of the month where BandCamp waive their revenue share leaving 100% of the music sales to the artists involved.

I went on a mini spending spree and bought a bundle of tasty rave nuggets. Check them out below.

Bladerunner – Freedom Jungle E.P.

Artwork for 'Freedom Jungle', an EP by Bladerunner.

I had my eye on this since it was released in early March. I waited until Bandcamp Friday before picking it up. It was definitely worth the wait. Six tracks of rave-infused DnB. Good times!

Miguel – Sure Ting (Villem’s Jungle Refix)

Artwork for Sure Ting, a track by Villem

I happened to spot on Twitter that Villem was dropping a new bootleg for Bandcamp Friday. I duly snapped up a copy once my spending spree on Bandcamp got underway. Three minutes of sublime DnB bootleg hijinks that segues from smoothness to the ruffer stuff.

Fixate – The No Good E.P.

Artwork for The No Good EP by Fixate

I was originally focussed on purchasing ‘No Good’, the lead tune of this three track EP. In the end I decided to buy the whole EP. ‘No Good’ is a straight ahead solid DnB banger. Second track ‘129SpaceLine’ is a house tempo (I’m assuming 129bpm) breakbeat shuffling groove. Final track, the excellently titled ‘Stan Spoons’ is a unique drum and bass fix. All cracking tracks!

Coco Bryce, Sam Binga, Emz, Sir Hiss – In For The Night (Coco Bryce RMX)

Artwork for In For The Night

“In For The Night” is a breakbeat shuffler packed with good vibe rhymes. Not too frantic to start with but then it effortlessly sides into a classic Amen-break groove. This was also the first track to put ‘Pineapple Records‘ on my radar. No doubt I’ll be buying more tracks from these guys in the future.

Ayesha – Ecstatic Descent

Artwork for Ecstatic Descent by Ayesha

The best description I have for this track is Psychedelic Breakbeat Rave. It kicks off with trippy cascading arpeggios that build into a heavy breakbeat vibe. A UK-style raver of a track that actually originates from New York. Great stuff.

Denham Audio – Thirty Eight Snub (ft. Trim)

Artwork for Thirty Eight Snub by Denham Audio featuring Trim

Another mention for Denham Audio having previously been the subject of my first ‘Dodgy Pick’. It’s another old skool style track led by a classic breakbeat but this time under their ‘Club Glow’ moniker. The intro is solid rave fare but at the 1:25 mark the contribution of Trim kicks in and things take on a deeper direction. It’s an excellent collaboration.

Fast Ghost – Drunken Moose Rampage

Artwork for Drunken Moose Rampage by Fast Ghost

Back in late 2022 I made the switch from Twitter to Mastodon. It’s proving to be a positive network of music makers and ‘Fast Ghost’ was one of the first Mastodon users I recall connecting with. Their latest track ‘Drunken Moose Rampage’ is a highly recommended chunky acid houser chugger. I also fully endorse their passionate anti-Tory stance.

Fear E/Posh End Music – I’m Gonna Dist You Right Now

Artwork for I'm Gonna Dist You Right Now by Fear E / Posh End Music

I discovered Fear E by stumbling across one of their various old skool remixes (I also picked up their remix of Blame’s “Music Takes You”).

“I’m Gonna Dist You” is an original track that somehow reminds me of Rex The Dog. It’s a track that would sound superb in the midsts of a DJ set.

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