BandCamp Friday – May 2023

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Another month, another Bandcamp Friday. 24 sweet sweet hours where music makers can sell their music on BandCamp and keep 100% of the revenue.

As per last months post, I went on a little virtual record shop. Here’s what I bought.

Rex the Dog – Change This Pain For Ecstasy

OH MY WORD. Do I love this song! Rex the Dog is always worth checking out and his latest tune is a euphoric synth fest that demands your attention. Armed with a delicious vocal (one that is going to work wonders when I get around to putting some DJ sets together) and a synth line that reaches back to Rex’s former days as JX. I’m hoping this is the start of a run of new tunes from Rex, maybe even an album. Although Rex (aka Jake) did say on a recent stream that it takes him ages to finish tracks, which I found somewhat reassuring as someone who is also trying to put tunes together.

Murder He Wrote – Plot Twist

Housey breakbeats are the order of the day with this track, or as described by the artists themselves “Bassy, Breaky, stringy vibezzz”.

The way the beat skips once it gets into the main section is lush. Then the kick comes in to drive it all along and the thick bass is the cherry on top. If you buy the track on Bandcamp you also get a bonus “re-fix’ download.

Tim Reaper – My Definition

Back in the 90’s there was a double album that I bought called Jungle Tekno Vol. 5. Dubbed “The Deep Side”, it was a collection of more delicately constructed jungle tracks that prioritised atmospheric synths and textures as much as big heavy bass. “My Definition” sounds like it could have come straight from that album and I mean that in a very complimentary way. It has that classic drum and bass sound that I very much dig.

Sadly I don’t own Jungle Tekno Vol 5 anymore, it now belongs to a good friend of mine (I think I sold it or traded it for some other tunes). At least it’s in a good home.

Settle Down – Sniper / No Shoes on the Carpet

It takes only thirty seconds for this tune to smack you around the face with the thickest, juiciest bassline. In their words; “The clattering drums & undulating bassline of ‘Sniper’ give way to warping mentasms that evoke memories of some of the earliest strains of dance music from acid house to jungle tekno and hardcore”.

Just excellent stuff! Check out both tracks, they are very much worth your time.

And that’s it, just a few purchases for this month. Of course, there’s my own little track ‘Evil Eye’ on Bandcamp which I would love for you to check out.

Sadly that’s also the last Bandcamp Friday for the next few months. Despite that I’m sure I’ll be buying (and sharing) more tunes on here through the spring and summer months.

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