UPDATE: Evil Eye – Now on streaming platforms

Update: ‘Evil Eye’ is now available on streaming platforms. Find your preferred platform here and go nuts!

My third release is now available on BandCamp. ‘Evil Eye’ is a breakbeat rave throbber with haunting vibes and irresistible old skool touches.

Available in both ‘Radio Edit’ form (for the more impatient listener) and ‘Original’ extended flavour (for the DJ’s and those that want to indulge in the ups and downs of the track).

Buy one, or BOTH! Either way you’re in for a treat.

Album artwork for Evil Eye. A pixelated neon eye with the green 'Dodgy Pixel' logo over the top.

It was a bit of a grind getting this track made. I originally had a different track in mind for my third release and the basic idea for it was sketched out seven months ago. My initial excitement started to waiver as I found that I couldn’t get it to sound how I wanted it to. I even tried remixing it into a different type of track (a big bass speed garage tune in case you’re wondering) but in the end I decided to push it away and try something else.

As a distraction I started noodling with some other samples and it was at that point that I stumbled across the female vocal loop that would go on to become the main hook of Evil Eye. After some tweaking with the pitch of the vocal the other elements of the track soon fell into place. Before I knew it, I had my third release taking shape.

I went from failing to finish a track in seven months to starting, finishing and releasing a new track in less than two weeks! There’s a lesson in there somewhere. Sometimes you need to fail at one project so you can succeed with the next. I’m Dodgy Pixel. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk!

In case you missed them, do also check out my other tunes, ‘You Got Me (Wanting You)’, and my debut track ‘Nascent’. Both are available on Bandcamp, hit the button below to follow me and find out about new releases.

Will that abandoned track ever see the light of day? I hope so, I probably need to leave it for a bit and come back to it refreshed.

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