UPDATE: You Got Me (Wanting You) – NOW ON STREAMING

UPDATE: “You Got Me (Wanting You) is now available on streaming services. It now includes a shorter edit for those who prefer a more focused jungle fix. Hit this link to find it on the main platforms out there.

Original post from 3rd March…

Strap yourselves in for a trip back to the 1994-era of Jungle! “You Got Me (Wanting You)” is the second release from Dodgy Pixel.

Opening with soft pads, light breaks and a classic pitched up vocal. The tune lightly simmers until the track completely drops out and a thick kick/bass combo kicks in along with that familiar breakbeat sound to drive things forward. It’s a tune that relishes in retro jungle vibes.

Cover art for You Got Me (Wanting You). The Dodgy Pixel logo and song title appear over a pixelated cartoon style heart.

The track is available to buy and stream from Bandcamp.

This is the follow up to my debut track “Nascent”, a breakbeat groover which is also available on Bandcamp. Do check that out also. 

I’ve got bit of work to do with my next track. I had the main idea in place but it has taken on some hefty changes since it’s original inception. At the time of writing it’s starting to take on the form of a big bassline Speed Garage track. Make sure you follow me on line (Instagram, Mastodon, Twitter) if you want to keep updated on when it’s available.

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