SL2 x Basement Jaxx – Red Alert / DJ’s Take Control (Dodgy Pixel’s Grubby Bootleg)

I thought I’d put out a quick and dirty bootleg to keep things rolling whilst I continue to work on some original material. This ‘grubby bootleg’ stemmed from a DJ set that I did as part of my ‘Retro House Mixtape’ project from a few years ago. 
In that original version I mixed the vocals from ‘Red Alert’ byb Basement Jaxx over a remix of SL2 by Snazzy Trax (also on BandCamp). This time around I added that same vocal to the original SL2 version and made some minor re-touches here and there. This is admittedly a bit rough and ready which is why I’ve put it on BandCamp as a “pay what you want” release. 
Yes, that means you can grab it for free, that’s cool with me. Of course, if you pay the minimum (which I think is £1) you’ll then be able to stream it via the Bandcamp app, and I’lI use the money to support someone else on Bandcamp. Everybody wins!

Basic art cover work for SL2 x Basement Jaxx - Red Alert / DJ's Take Control. Featuring the original two record covers.

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