BandCamp Friday – August 2023

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Bandcamp Friday August is back! Following a brief hiatus, another 24 hour window was available to grab some tunes on BandCamp. All whilst 100% supporting the music makers for their efforts. Here’s a look at what I picked up during this latest round.

You can also check out my previous BandCamp Friday posts from April and May to see what I bought previously.

Damian’s Ghost – High Places

Damian’s Ghost is a quality callback to the atmospheric era of Jungle or as the press release puts it “blissed out emotional journeys full of classy pads, hazy breaks and ghost-like traces of a cultural past”.

It’s a classy slice of blissed out Jungle. Something that works as both a home listen or something to inject a lighter and uplifting mood on the dance floor.

Sully & Tim Reaper – Windswept (Sully Fader Mix)

This is a release two years in the making as this particular remix has been played in various sets by Sully and Tim Reaper since 2021. Ongoing public demand has ensured an eventual BandCamp release.

I love the way this track starts off with what sounds like a stringed instrument but actually turns out to be tuned percussion running through a heavy flange effect (that’s my best guess anyway).

Shadow Child & Claude VonStroke – Steel Thing

I’m always interested in what new music Shadow Child puts out, especially his more recent forays into the old skool sound. Born out of a conversation between the two collaborators, ‘Steel Thing’ carves a house groove but it has a delicious chunkiness to it that I will enjoying throwing into sets whilst mucking about with samples over the top.

RAVETRX – Final Fantasy

“RAVETRX’s ‘Final Fantasy’ is a much-anticipated release that continues E-Beamz’s tradition of pushing the boundaries of the hardcore genre. The record promises to deliver a unique blend of sounds that will captivate and inspire listeners.”

Bold worlds there from the press release but yeah, it’s bang on.

Settle Down – What Is Real / Sub Bias

“What is Real, a collaboration with FD, is the classic combo of jittery breaks and warm, rumbling sub bass. Throw in some dub sirens and sweet female vocal cuts and you have a tried and tested recipe for some dancefloor delight – horns crew! 

‘Sub Bias’ is a more sinister affair with the reverbed snare rolls blending with a deep, drone bassline and menacing, gutteral stabs.”

Dwarde & Tim Reaper – Globex Corp Black Label Track 1

Another entry in the series of Simpsons themed releases on 7th Storey Projects, based around tunes from Dwarde & Tim Reaper and their collaborators.

It’s another jungly breakbeat tune (I’m really leaning towards that sound at the moment) with a thick bass and ethereal pad drop. Straight down the line stuff. Tasty!

Honourable Mentions

I actually bought these tunes a few weeks before BandCamp Friday August but they are so good they absolutely deserve a shout out.

Swank Out – Build Up

Vinyl copy of the Swankout EP.

Big BIG BIIIIG! chunky jungle vibes are in plentiful supply on this track. There’s a reggae-based intro which sets the scene but for me it’s that breakdown at 0:37 that is just utterly irresistible. Air raid horns, police sirens, vocal filters and a monster time-stretch. It’s got the lot and it’s all programmed to perfection. Gurt lush!

Then the bassline kicks in and away we go. Good times all around.

Kessler – Tribunal / Ard Crew

Two tracks from Kessler, a producer/DJ on Rinse FM who makes excellent atmospheric breakbeat hardcore. Definitely someone whose style and quality I wish I could match when it comes to making tunes.

Tribunal is all moody atmosphere and intricate beats. The way it slides into the main section is sublime, like BOOM! Hold on to something because we have lift off!

Ard Crew is another breakbeat banger that makes good use of the well known “All Crew” sample which always reminds me of The Prodigy (who lifted it from Noise Factory). There’s also a tried and tested “Such A Good Feeling” vocal sample in there which I’m sure I have on an old accapella 12″ somewhere.

Check out both tracks, they are worth a listen.

Sadly I couldn’t get anything finished by myself in time for BandCamp Friday August but hopefully something might be in place for the next one. In the meantime you can always check out what I’ve made so far on BandCamp.

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